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Pemberton hot stone massage

"I had the Goddess treatment and came away feeling so relaxed and much calmer, it was an incredible experience and I will definitely be making regular appointments." 5/5 Karen Jun22

"What an awesome time on our three day retreat enjoying Cat's meditations and amazing treatments, truly healing hands..." 5/5 Rosemary Mar23

"We had a beautiful stay here. The cozy atmosphere and beautiful forest surroundings were the perfect scenery for a peaceful getaway. Their relaxation packages added an extra layer of zen to the experience." 5/5 Shannon Feb24


Indulge in a rejuvenating experience in the experienced hands of our Secrets To Serenity Spa. Our wellness treatment room is strategically situated at the edge of your terrace, offering a serene view of our cottage gardens with the enchanting forest as a picturesque backdrop. Our array of massage, beauty and wellness treatments are the perfect remedy for those seeking relaxation after a busy week or time exploring the region by car, bike or foot. 

Immerse yourself in the sensory delights of these sacred and spiritual lands, surrounded by captivating sights, soothing sounds, enticing aromas, delightful tastes, and a comforting touch. Allow us to guide you in letting go of life's stresses, facilitating a rediscovery of your inner self, as we share with you our Secrets To Serenity.

We also have the experience and capabilities to offer tailored day spa and two day retreats for friends and special occasions.


For more details on day spas, retreats, advanced bookings or inquiries please email us directly. 

Swedish Massage

De-stress and unwind with this full body Swedish massage, incorporating light to medium strokes focusing on sweeping movements, kneading and pressures to release built up muscle stress and tension which increases muscle tone and function thus stimulating the eliminating of waste, whilst gentle percussion movements improve circulation. This relaxing and rejuvenating massage promotes a feeling of wellbeing while counteracting the physical, mental and emotional stress of daily living.

One hour $120

swedish massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy promotes healing and well-being thanks to powerful essential oils that are absorbed into your skin as well as inhaled through the nose affecting both the mind and body.

Sharing similar attributes to a Swedish Massage, the Aromatherapy massage uses light to medium pressure and focuses on kneading and stretching your muscles to relieve muscle stress and built-up tension.

The essential oils used influence the nervous system and once massaged are absorbed directly into the blood vessels.

 One hour $120

aromatheraphy massage

Hot Stone Massage

Warm basalt river stones, organic oil and slow, soothing, rhythmic massage strokes encourage a deep sense of relaxation and nurturing for the body and mind. The smooth stones are glided and held at various pressure points on body. Using hot stones with massage promotes a greater release of muscle tension, muscle aches, exfoliation, detoxification as well as engaging the parasympathetic nervous system to induce a deep state of relaxation that lasts well beyond the treatment. 



One hour $130

Ninety minutes $160

Hot Stones Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Enter your deepest state of relaxation. This full body massage uses strong, slow flowing massage techniques to stimulate the lymphatic system, supporting the body's natural process of eliminating toxins. Each stroke is performed with a slow rhythm which induces the deepest state of relaxation, the optimal state for healing, rejuvenation, detoxification and wellbeing. Restore your body, mind and soul with this firm pressure massage designed to boost your immune system, reduces stress and support healthy sleep patterns while reducing fluid retention. 

One hour $120

Lymphatic Swedish Massage

Fabulous Facial

This deeply nourishing treatment will melt away tension whilst revitalising your skin on a cellular level. The facial includes a gentle cleanse, enzyme polish to support cellular turnover, a hydrating serum, a nutrient rich face mist and ends with a nourishing and moisturising rose hip oil. Cool rose quartz crystal rollers and 

gua shas are applied to promote face contouring, lymphatic drainage and reducing puffiness. 

For a deeper sense of relaxation, the facial is enhanced with a gentle face, head and neck massage to melt away any lingering tension and stress. 

60 minutes $130

Relaxing Facial

Terrific Tootsies

Treat your tired feet to this soothing and uplifting treatment, to release tension and promote circulation whilst leaving you balanced. Begin your journey with a luxurious foot bath, infused with calming essential oils, whilst we guide you through a rejuvenating grounding meditation. This is followed by a gentle yet invigorating foot scrub leaving your skin feeling soft and revitalised.


Tired feet and legs will love you for treating them to the benefits of an additional and delightful massage, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

60 minutes $120

foot treatment and leg massage

Healthy Hands

Indulge in this nurturing hand treatment as we blend a rejuvenating hand scrub with a nurturing nail manicure. The gentle scrub removes dry skin, leaving hands smooth and soft, before we buff and polish the nails till they are equally smooth as well as shiny.


 For enhanced pampering, the treatment concludes with a soothing hand and arm massage to melt away tension, promoting relaxation and improved circulation.  

60 minutes $120

hand treatment and arm massage

Reiki Relaxation and Restoration

Reiki is a form of energy healing developed by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. It is a non-invasive, light-touch alternative therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional and mental imbalances. The therapist gently places their hands over specific parts of your body, associated with the various meridians and energy centers to provide energy alignment and support the body's own natural healing ability. This deeply relaxing experience which causes many people to fall into a light sleep. Our treatments include aromatherapy tailored to enhance the emotional benefit of the treatment, which in turn can alleviate stagnation and revitalise depleted energy. 


One hour $100


Serenity Goddess Package 

Combine any two hours of any of our massage and beauty treatments for the ultimate in relaxation and Serenity!

Two hour $215

individual spa massage treatment

Serenity Day Spa Package 

Our day treatment packages are based on a minimum of three people booking in for the day. Let us work with you to tailor your group a mindful meditation (chose from flower, crystal or grounding), crystal cleanse, sound bath and incorporate either a roaming reiki, tarot, cacao cleanse create or one of our beauty treatments (choose from Terrific Tootsies, Healthy Hands and Fabulous Facial). We can also arrange for dining options as well as adding additional treatments as requested.

Group:  Four hours $150 per person (minimum group of three)

Group Spa Day

Serenity Retreat Package

Our two day retreat packages are based on a group of between three to eight people additionally booking accommodation at Serenity House Pemberton. Let us tailor your group two morning meditations (choose from flower, crystal or grounding), a guided mindfulness woodland walk, two group sessions (choose from sound bath, roaming reiki, tarot, crystal cleanse, cacao cleanse create or a creative art workshop) and a beauty treatment (Terrific Tootsies, Healthy Hands and Fabulous Facial). We can also arrange for dining options as additional treatments.

Group:  Seven hours $225 per person (minimum group of three)

Group Retreat

Serenity Shorts -Group Activities

The following activities are available for groups of three or more people. 


Meditation Mindfulness

Our guided meditation awakens the senses using sound & aromatherapy. 


Crystal Cleanse 

Crystals are placed on energy points & selenite used to refresh & balance. 

Serenity Sounds 

Bathe in the soothing sounds of drums, clapsticks, shakers, Tibetan bowls, tingshas and tuning forks.

Travelling Tarot 

Take a look at your past, present and future with a ten card reading.

Cacao Cleanse & Create  

Enjoy a warming cup of cacao as we guide you on a journey of realisation, 



Group:  One hours $35 per person (minimum group of three)

Group hollistic events
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